Chip Sealing Operations


The Webster Highway Department maintains an eight-year cycle for chip sealing maintenance operations on all town roads. The highway industry is constantly working with the latest innovative technologies to enhance oil efficiencies and keep a conscious eye on environmental responsibilities. A chip sealing program is undoubtedly the most cost-effective maintenance operation a municipality can perform.

Post-Application Procedures

Maintenance follow-up to oil and stone application is street sweeping, which commences within two weeks of application. Recommended travel speed after chip sealing application is 15 miles per hour.

For More Information

For more information about chip sealing operations, contact the Highway Department at (585) 872-1443.

Roads that will be chip sealed for the 2017 season are as follows:

Ascott Lane
Beaver Creek Drive
Bowling Green Drive
Brannon Lane
Camden Heights
Castle Bridge Crossing
Chimney Trail
Christy Lane
Cinnaberry Circle
Close Circle
Cottonwood Lane
Cranbrook Terrace
Dancer Circle
Deerhurst Lane
Document Drive
Fawn Wood Drive
Frawley Drive
Gray Fox Run
Hard Road Sidewalks
Harmony Station
Hickory Hollow
Huckleberry Way North
Ice Pond Way
Jackson Road (Ridge Rd to Penfield border)
Jackson Heights
Joylene Drive
Kennington Blvd.
Linden Tree Lane
Lindsey Circle
Maple Drive
Middlebury Road
North Estate Drive
Northbrook Way
Partridge Lane
Regina Drive
Shallow Brook Terrace
Silvercrest Drive
Somerdale Drive
Somerset Drive
South Estate Drive
Stonegate Drive (Including entrance)
Summit Knolls
Tallow Run
VanIngen Drive
Webster Commons Blvd.
Westover Drive
Wickerton Lane
Winfield Lane
Woodcock Drive

The town will be sealing circles 2 weeks after we chip seal the circles.  

The fog sealing requires a two hour cure time.  The town will attempt to notify you the day of the application by knocking on your door.  If you need to leave prior to the application, park your vehicle outside the circle for the duration of the cure time.  However, it may be short notice due to an aggressive schedule, weather being a key factor.

Residents may contact the Webster Highway Department with any questions about this roadway maintenance at 872-1443.