Planning & Zoning

To view the 2021 Application Deadlines and Meeting Schedules:
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To View Current Town Zoning Map:  PDF LINK

Planning & Zoning: Board Application Process:

1. Pre-Planning Stage: 

a. Pre-Application Meeting (Mandatory) with Director of Community Planning: review application process and materials, evaluate what board decisions are needed (variance, use permit, etc.) 

b. Major projects (Commercial, Subdivisions) will then be referred to PRC Review after Pre-Application meeting 

c. Signs do not need a Pre-Application meeting

2. Application Submission Stage: 

All materials discussed above are due by submission deadline – 3 weeks prior to board meeting

3. Application Formal Review Stage:

a. After submission deadline, all materials are reviewed for completion 

b. If complete, and approved by Town Lawyers, application moves to Final Agenda for next scheduled meeting 

c. If not complete, it is brought back to the Department for further review

4. Scheduled for Board Meeting: 

All final materials due by the Friday the agenda is finalized; no late paperwork will be accepted