About Us

The Webster Special Police is an all-volunteer group that assists the Town of Webster, NY and its full time Police Officers at times when extra manpower is required. Some of the typical emergency services provided to the town include assistance during major accidents, fires, storms and other threats to life and property. We also provide traffic and crowd control during many of the town’s more routine public events such as parades, festivals, carnivals, races and school sporting events. Special Police are on call 24 hours a day to supplement the full time Police Officers, relieve them of routine duties, and allow them to concentrate on those functions which require their training and expertise. We also provide court security on a weekly basis at the Webster Town Court.

Our members come from all walks of life; business owners, retirees, students and both white collar and blue collar workers. Each member brings his or her own experience and talents to the department and provides an invaluable asset to the the Town of Webster.

All training, uniforms and equipment is provided. All prospective officers must successfully complete the Part-time Basic Course for Peace Officers offered at the Monroe County Criminal Justice and Public safety Training Center. Following a probationary period, they are then designated Peace Officers by the Webster Town Board under Section 158 of New York Town Law.

Special Police Officers appointed pursuant to Town Law Section 158 are designated as Peace Officers as provided by Criminal Procedure Law, Section 2.10 paragraph 54. Such Police Officers shall be known as "Special Policemen" and shall have all the power and authority conferred upon constables by the general laws of the state and such additional powers, not inconsistent with law, as shall be conferred upon them by the town board. Peace Officers may exercise any authority conferred upon them when acting pursuant to their duties.

If you wish to request the services of the Webster Special Police, Please contact the Webster Police department at (585) 872-1216 x399.