Road Diets

The Town Highway Department evaluates intersections for safety and efficiency, to determine if a modification is needed.  This modification is called a Road Diet.  Larger intersections can be modified into a T shape, which provides the following benefits:

- Helps to reduce vehicle speeds.
- Town plow trucks will no longer have to back up into the wide-open intersection, on the truck's blindside.
- The reduction in snow removal time spent here on these intersections will expedite service time to the rest        of the route.
- Creates a safer passage for pedestrians when crossing the street.

Below are some recent examples of completed Road Diets around town:

Intersection of Baker Road and Vosburg Road:

This new configuration improves safety at the intersection for both vehicles and pedestrians.  It now provides increased site distance for vehicles, as well as, a safe passage for pedestrians to cross Baker Rd., from the open field trail to Vosburg, in order to get to the trail head.  Additionally, the changes provide the Highway Dept. with a safer path for salting and plowing operations.

Vosburg 1

Intersection at Regina Drive and Gasberry Lane: