Pickleball Programs

Pickleball is the hottest new sport in the country for all ages! It is a cross between badminton, tennis, and ping pong. We are so excited to be able to offer a variety of pickleball programs including lessons for all ages, beginner programs all the way to advanced pickleball. Pickleball programs, dates and times change throughout the year. To register for pickleball program, click here.

Webster Recreation Center has a Gym with 8 full size pickleball courts! Outside there is an outdoor court under lights available weather permitting. All programmed pickleball sessions are run inside at the gym at 1350 Chiyoda Drive, Webster NY 14580. Currently masks are required for all programs in the gym – attendance is required for all programs, as well! 

Pickleball programs include:


Pickleball Lessons for Teens

Does your teen want to learn how to play pickleball?  It's a great sport that is a cross between tennis and ping pong.  During the lessons your teen will get familiar with serving, scoring, and learn the rules of the game.  Equipment will be provided so make sure your teen dresses comfortable so they are able to move around and have fun! Registration is required.

Pickleball Lessons for Adults:

This class will introduce the basic rules of play for the game and allow novice players to get familiar with serving, scoring, rules, and the equipment for both doubles and singles.  Try it and you will be hooked! Pickleball paddles will be provided if you do not have your own.   Registration is required.

Open Pickleball for Beginners:

Open Pickleball for beginners!  Need a place to start, we have set aside courts for all you beginner pickleball players to have fun and learn or improve your beginner skills.  This program is unsupervised.    Registration is required and note that this program tends to fill quickly! 


You must register for this program and sign in weekly.   Different partner combinations are formed each week.  Please bring your own paddle, we will provide nets and pickleballs.  You are required to leave the court at the end of the reservation time and return all equipment to the main office.  Dates and times are not guaranteed and subject to change.  Registration is required and note that this program tends to fill quickly!

Pickleball Reserve a Court:

Reservations are taken up to one week in advance as follows;  One court, with 4-6 people per court.  All basic and premier fitness members are free.  A Punch Pass can be used for reserve a court only.  Drop-in is $10.00 per person, per reservation. *Non fit passes are excluded.*  A minimum of 4 participants must be present.  Sign in at check-in time to receive equipment at front office.  You are required to leave the court at the end of the reservation time and return all equipment to the main office. 

Typically Reserve a Court is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 10:00am - 12:00pm. Saturdays and Sundays the times vary each week. All dates and times are subject to change.

To reserve a court for pickleball call the main office at 872-7103 p, press 0.  

Monthly Reserve a court schedule:  April

Pickleball 4.0

Open Pickleball for advance player with a 4.0 rating or higher!  We have set aside courts for all you advanced players to have fun and  improve your skills.  This program is unsupervised.   Register is required as limited space is available.  

Qualifications to participate in program:

FOREHAND: Consistently hits with depth and control. Is still perfecting shot selection and timing.

BACKHAND:  Has improved stroke mechanics and has moderate success at hitting a backhand consistently.

SERVE / RETURN: Places a high majority of serves/returns with varying depth and speed.

DINK: Increased consistency with moderate ability to control height/depth. May end dink rally too soon due to lack of patience. Is beginning to understand difference between attackable balls and those that are not.

3RD SHOT: Selectively mixing up soft shots with power shots to create an advantage with inconsistent results.

VOLLEY: Able to volley a variety of shots at different speeds. Is developing consistency and control. Starting to understand the block/re-set volley.

STRATEGY: Aware of partner’s position on the court and is able to move as a team. Demonstrates ability to change direction in an offensive manner. Demonstrates a broad knowledge of the rules of the game. Has a moderate number of enforced errors per game. Solid understanding of stacking and when and how it could be used in match play. Beginning to identify opponents’ weaknesses and attempts to formulate game plan to attack weaknesses. Beginning to seek out more competitive play.