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Posted on: January 31, 2018

Build your own rain barrels

Did you know that the Town partners with the county to offer workshops on how to build your own rain barrels?

Rain barrels collect stormwater runoff, which can then be reused for irrigation or other needs. 

From Town Highway Superintendent Joe Herbst:

Last year we (county) held nine rain barrel workshops across the county, two of them were in Webster. I say we because I chair the county coalition and it is a cooperative effort. We sponsor these workshops all over, so as to capture as much audience as possible, and to make it fair and equitable for all.

The barrels are donated by Genesee Brewery and typically the town that wishes to sponsor them makes the necessary arrangements to prepare and deliver them. I myself have done well over a hundred with my own tools.  It requires cutting the tops off and drilling the holes for the drain and plumbing.

We often partner with schools for workshops as well. It is a great learning adventure for science classes and it promotes "buy in" from the younger generation to pay attention to our environment!!! Last year we had 173 participants in the nine events, and ended up having to limit class sizes because there was so much interest. We constantly modify the event to make it more economical and streamline the operations.

As we look forward to Spring, you may consider installing a rain barrel at your home. 

We will provide notification for future workshops, and additionally, the county offers detailed directions for how to make one at home.  


Rain Barrel Directions

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