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Our Mission Statement:

The Town of Webster Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to offering residents broad-based leisure opportunities, a balanced system of park lands, preservation of open spaces and the enhancement of environmental and cultural qualities that will foster the growth of healthy lifestyles.

Fall 2020 Guide

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Fitness Center Reopening Delayed

Fitness Center REopening Delay

How to register online

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For a range of activities aimed to suit all ages, interests, and schedules at our recreation center.

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View fitness facility, classes, memberships and rates.


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View facility details including location, contact information, fees, and hours of operations.


Lodge Rental Policy Change:  Beginning on November 1, 2019 we are no longer reserving lodges on the first day of the month, one year in advance.  We are now accepting reservations 1 year in advance of the exact date of the requested reservation.

PROSAR (Parks, Recreation, Open Space, Athletic Review Committee)

Board Members:

  • Barry Deane
  • Chris Bilow        
  • Emily Pettit            
  • Hal Harris
  • Jennifer Birdsong
  • Joe Monachino           
  • John Zicari
  • Megan Alchowiak
  • Rob Ambrosetti            
  • Sarah Compter            
  • Timothy Mahon