Permit Information & Applications

Building Permit Applications

Building permit applications must be accompanied by appropriate documentation and may require submission of duplicate copies of plans and specifications. State and local standards and technical specifications apply to any building construction done within Webster.

Download the Building Permit Application.

Anyone who is unsure whether or not a permit is required for a proposed project should contact the Building Department at (585) 872-7036 prior to starting the project to find out if a permit is needed.

Requirements, Codes & Diagrams




 2022 Building Department Fee Schedule

Licensed Electrical Inspection Agencies:

Middle Department Inspection Service - (585) 454-5191

Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service - (585) 624-2380

New York Electrical Inspection Agency - (585) 436-4460

Pools and Hot Tubs:

To apply for a pool or hot tub permit, please complete the following forms:  

Supplemental Pool Form

Building Permit Application

Contact Information:

Please mail all forms to the Building Department, which is located at:
Town Hall
1000 Ridge Rd.
Webster, NY 14580