Animal Control & Dog Licensing

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If you have an in-progress animal emergency please call 911

Animal Control Department is located in the Webster Police Department building at 1000 Ridge Road Webster, NY 14580. (585) 872-7009

The WPD Animal Control Officer(s) are responsible to comprehend, explain, and enforce state and local laws, regulations, and ordinances as they pertain to animal control and dog ownership, by responding to resident calls, enforcing leash requirements when the dog is off owner property and within the town parks, barking, improper waste disposal, destruction of property, licensing and rabies vaccination compliance, issuing appearance tickets for non-compliance of town ordinances, dangerous dog cases, and conducting a dog census in conjunction with the Town Clerk's office.

The WPD Animal Control Officer is also required to enforce the rules and regulations defined by the NYS Agriculture and Markets Department under Article 7 & 21 regarding dangerous dogs and proper dog ownership within the NYS.

The WPD ACO Unit is an educational resource for animal behavior and obedience, along with referrals to other professionals to aid in your animal concerns.

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When to call Animal Control:

•  To report a dog at large

•  To report an injured animal

•  To report a dog or owner not in compliance with a town ordinance(s)

•  To report a lost or found pet

•  To report dog attack or dangerous dog concern

•  To inquire for professional/educational information or guidance

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When NOT to call Animal Control:

•  To report a dead animal in the road or for dead animal removal/disposal

•  To preform extermination of pests from your home (rats, mice, bats, insects, bees, moles, etc.)

•  To transport an animal that you no longer want to the humane society

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Lost/Found Dog Procedure:

Call Animal Control – (585) 872-7009  AND

Town Clerk Office - (585) 872-7057

If the dog has a license tag, please call the Town Clerk Office.

Found Pets:

Please leave a detailed description of the dog, where it was found, your name and address, and a phone number that you can be immediately reached. If the owner reclaims the dog, please notify the animal control office by calling (585) 872-7009.

Lost Pets: 

Please leave a detailed description of the pet, age, color, breed, collar color or any other distinctive identifying feature(s), the date the pet was lost, location the pet was lost and all of your contact information.
Post on all social media outlets: Webster Facebook pages, Craigslist, Nextdoor, both the MCHS and the Wayne County Humane Society (WCHS) lost/found pages and personal social media outlets.

MCHS Lost and Found:

Wayne County Humane Society:

If the person has found a lost dog: ACO may ask the caller if it is possible to hold onto the dog for at least an hour to give the owner time to recover their dog without having to pay the impound charges for the day or over a full weekend which maybe be extremely costly.

We ask them to keep them out front of the house if possible or in a garage to be visible to owners out looking for the dog. If the dog is friendly and only if the finder is comfortable doing it, they can walk them around/through the neighborhood to see if anyone recognizes the dog.

If the finder is computer literate and wants to post on the Facebook page, they are welcome to do so to temporarily, but if the owner is not found the dog will be impounded.

It takes most owners 25-30 minutes to realize that their dog is missing and then it takes 30-45 minutes to check around their house and neighborhood. Then they will get in the car and go looking for their dog around the surrounding streets, this may take another hour trying to locate their dog. Please give them the opportunity to recover the dog within their own neighborhood.

Many dogs are often returned to the same neighborhood where the dog was found, usually within a few or streets from where it was found.

If the dog is recovered by Webster Police Dept. Officer or Animal Control Officer the dog is scanned for a microchip or has a license the dog will be returned home.

If no license or microchip is found and the owner comes for dog the dog must be licensed and given a rabies vaccination before redemption from the Town Clerk Office.

Dog License

Dogs four months and older in the Town or Village of Webster must be licensed through the Webster Town Clerk. Licenses are renewable annually with proof of a current rabies vaccination, and can be brought into the office or mailed in to the Town Clerks Office, 1000 Ridge Road, Webster, NY 14580

The original license is easiest to apply for in person at the Town Clerk's Office.  Please bring your updated rabies certificate and proof of spay or neuter when licensing your dog. 

Click here to view Free Rabies Clinics in Monroe County

Town of Webster Dog Licensing Fees (Cash or Check only)

  • $10.00 - neutered / spayed dogs
  • $20.00 - un-neutered / un-spayed dogs
  • $2.00 late charge added if license is renewed after 90 days from due date

Why License Your Dog?

  1. It's the Law:   New York State Agriculture & Markets Law, Article 7, requires that dogs in New York State be licensed and wear their dog license tag.
  2. Easy Identification:   When wearing a license tag, dogs are easier to identify, enabling them to be reunited with their owner faster if they should run off.  A license is a lost dog's ticket home. 
  3. Health & Safety:   By requiring that a dog have valid rabies vaccination prior to licensing, a dog license helps to control and prevent the spread of rabies.
  4. Dog Parks:   All Monroe County Dog Parks require a valid dog license and rabies vaccination.  Follow the link or call Monroe County Department of Parks Administrative Office at (585) 753-7275 for more information.

Leash / Conduct Laws

All dogs in Webster are also subject to leash laws. They must be on a leash and controlled by the owner any time they are off the owner’s property. Any destruction or damage caused by a dog is the responsibility of the dog’s owner. This includes any noisy or disturbing conduct.



Please note that the WPD Animal Control does not take in cats for impoundment. Cats that have been hit by a car and reported to the ACO office will be scanned for a microchip and owner will be contacted.
It is also a requirement of the New York State law that cats must be vaccinated for rabies.

Feral Cats are not the responsibility of the Town of Webster. 

All inquiries will be directed to:

Habitat for Cats
P.O. Box 25637
Rochester, NY 14526
p: 585-234-2894

Keller's Kats Rescue Inc.
P.O. Box 26472
Rochester, NY 14626
585-484-1959 (Voicemail only)

Animal Care Resources
Pet Care


Animal Cruelty Hotline:  585-223-6500 or 911

Monroe County Humane Society (MCHS) 

99 Victor Road Fairport NY 14414 

(585) 223-1330 x 8

Animal Abuse/Neglect cases are the jurisdiction of the Monroe County Humane Society (MCHS), not the local Animal Control Officer. The local Animal Control Officer can only observe and report any findings to the MCHS. 

If you have witnessed cruelty or neglect, keep or document any possible confirmations to the allegation of neglect or abuse and provide it to the MCHS.

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The Town of Webster and the WPD Animal Control Unit is not involved in the population or disease management of native wildlife. 

This is the jurisdiction of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

Nuisance Wildlife:

Currently the WPD Animal Control unit is unable to handle all wildlife calls. We will be posting monthly educational information to assist in coexistence or removal options for native wildlife concerns. 

Please leave a message at (585) 872-7009.

DEC- Wildlife Region 8   

6274 E. Avon-Lima Rd. Avon, NY 14414

For orphaned or injured wildlife call a NYS Wildlife Rehabilitator:

Current list of Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators:


Deceased Animals:

If animals are found dead in yards/property it is the responsibility of the home owner for removal/disposal of the body. Please wear the proper PPE and use a shovel to scoop the animal into a garbage bag. Please tie the bag tightly and dispose of in the regular refuge for pick up. You may also dig a hole and bury it at least 3-feet deep.

Removal of Dead Animals on Roadways:

Town/ County Road – Town of Webster – Webster Highway Dept. – Deer only – in the road – not on personal property. – 585-872-1443

State Route – NYS DOT-585-753-7780

Dead deer and coyotes only – NYS DOT 585-586-4514

- Route 104
- Route 250 (Webster Road)
-  Route 404 (Ridge Road)
- Empire Blvd

Town Parks – Park Forman of Webster Parks & Recreation Dept. – 585-872-7110